Part 5: “The End to a Perfect Day”

@3OfCupsEvents: It is helpful to review photos from past weddings held at the venue. Some venues have limited visibility of the horizon, which may dictate the type of lighting that would be attainable. It is advantageous to book a Photographer that is either experienced with photographing at the venue or able to assess sunlight during a venue site visit in advance to the day of the wedding to better advice the couple of their options. 

@JoshuaandParisa: The visibility of the horizon during sunset determines how much time is available for photos to take place. Trees and buildings can inhibit the visibility of the horizon. With that in mind, it is important to consider the order of the photography scheduled to include locations.

Andy + Bryan 
Photographer: Joshua and Parisa | Venue: Sunrise Point at Cedar Creek Lake

@3OfCupsEvents: I approach the day of wedding timeline to include the time of sunset and photography schedule. It is important to outline the photos necessary to accomplish before the sunset. There’s an advantage to working backwards from the time of sunset, so that the Photography and Videography vendors can capture portraits in the best lighting. 

@JoshuaandParisa: The type of lighting the Photographer and couple wish to capture will influence the ideal timing for couple’s photos. The photographic effect of natural light varies between “golden hour”, “sunset”, “silhouette”, “dusk”, “blue light”, etc.

There are three types of sunset lighting: 

  1. Golden Hour Photos take place when the sun is low and before it falls to the horizon. The abundant and soft lighting achieves the most beautiful skin tones in photographs.

Shiraz Garden
Photography & Videography: Joshua and Parisa  | Venue: Shiraz Garden  |  Planning: Perfectly Uncommon Weddings

2. Sunset is when the sun is on the horizon and there is not too much light but just enough for moodier photos and silhouettes.

Hailey + Charlie 
Photographer: Joshua and Parisa | Planner: Vintage and Lace | Venue: Ma Maison

3. Blue light comes after the sun has set and there is a little light still around before the day turns to night. The light is normally mostly blue with a little bit of magenta mixed in. 

Mike + Ashlee
Photographer: Joshua & Parisa | Venue: Featherstone Ranch | Coordinator : Simply XO Events | Hair & Makeup: LoLa Beauty

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