Part 1 of 5: “Step by Step”

@3OfCupsEvents: The story of a wedding day is documented in photographs. The wedding day timeline informs Photographers & Videographers of where and when each action is to take place throughout the course of the day. To achieve the best photos, it’s important for Wedding Planners and Photographer & Videographer teams to collaborate on the timeline and photography schedule.

@JoshuaandParisa: The Photography & Videography schedule includes a shot list which coincides with the timeline. Careful preparation starts with reviewing the timeline to incorporate a photography schedule that will operate in synchronicity with the full scope of the day. The outcome of a well-planned wedding day shines through the images of happy smiling faces and overall good vibes. 

@3OfCupsEvents: In my experience as a Wedding Planner, I have found it beneficial to first create a rough timeline with the couple before they move forward with finalizing a contract with a Photographer. When informed with an accurate timeline, Wedding Photographers & Videographers are better able to contribute to the planning process of creating an efficient photography schedule. It is also helpful for the Photographer & Videographer to provide collaborative feedback and make requests for modifications that all parties will agree to and prepare for. 

@JoshuaandParisa: As a Team, our goal is to capture the moments in images that tell the story of the wedding day. There is a lot happening all at once throughout the course of a wedding day and we don’t want to miss a beat. For this reason, it is typical for the two of us or one of us and a second shooter to be scheduled simultaneously in two different locations. As a team of two, we work together to outline which one of us is responsible for each segment of the shot list. 

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@3OfCupsEvents: Once confirmed, it is important that Photographers & Videographers follow the final timeline and communicate with the Wedding Planner. A Wedding Planner’s objective is to create an accurate timeline and keep the schedule on time to ensure all moving parts operate in synchronicity. Spontaneity on the day of the wedding can be accommodated for photographs if adaptations can be improvised in respect all contributing parties. 

@JoshuaandParisa: The amazing thing about working with Jessica and the 3 Of Cups Events wedding planning team is their collaborative approach to building the timeline with Photographers & Videographers and the couple. When a Wedding Planner places the photography schedule as a priority, we feel supported and set up for success. In return, our mutual clients are provided the absolute best wedding album and video that they can look back on throughout the rest of their lives.

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Part 1 of 5: “Step by Step”

@3OfCupsEvents: The story of a wedding day is documented in photographs. The wedding day timeline informs Photographers & Videographers of