Part 2 of 5: “The Race Against Timeline”

@3OfCupsEvents: When booking a wedding venue, it is important to consider what time access to the venue begins. For example, there are venues that serve a different purpose during the daytime, which present a later access time to the venue for events to begin load in and setup. Key factors to consider when building the timeline at the venue would include: 

  1. Vendor arrival time
  2. Rental delivery time
  3. Venue setup time
  4. Guest arrival time
  5. Ceremony start time and Length of ceremony
  6. Solo portrait photos
  7. Couples’ photos
  8. Wedding Party photos
  9. Family & Group photos
  10. Time of sunset for exterior photos
Sarah + Joshua
Photography: Joshua & Parisa
Venue & Coordinator: The Gardens of Cranesbury Views

@JoshuaandParisa: From a Photographer & Videographer’s perspective, limited access time to the venue calls for creativity. It is typical for First Look and Wedding Party Photos to take place at an offsite location. We love the opportunity to propose locations to our couples! 

Ana + Sean
Photographer & Videographer: Joshua & Parisa | Asst Photographer: Modern Valencia | Hotel: The Westin – Riverwalk | Coordinator: Eventfully Yours

@3OfCupsEvents: If access time to the venue is limited, the photography schedule can begin at a location different than the venue. Some options to consider for offsite “getting ready” photo locations include a home, a hotel, or rental property. The location for couple’s photos may be selected specifically for the backdrop it presents, such as a field of wildflowers, a graffitied wall, or a dynamic architectural building. It is important to determine a backup plan for outdoor photo locations. And it is also crucial to factor in the amount of travel time from the offsite location to the venue to include buffer time for delays, such as traffic. In order to plan the appropriate amount of time, the designated amount of travel time must be predetermined and communicated to the Photographer & Videographer. 

Shiraz Garden
Photography & Videography: Joshua and Parisa | Venue: Shiraz Garden |
Planning: Perfectly Uncommon Weddings

@JoshuaandParisa: Taking photos at a location different than the wedding venue provides the opportunity to showcase more variety in the images captured throughout the day. For example, we had a couple designate extra time with their Wedding Party on a Party Bus that drove them from their ceremony to their reception venue. It was wild time! These photos are some of our personal faves.

Brandon + Jenna
Photographer: Joshua & Parisa

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