Part 5: “The End to a Perfect Day”

@3OfCupsEvents: It is helpful to review photos from past weddings held at the venue. Some venues have limited visibility of the horizon, which may dictate the type of lighting that would be attainable. It is advantageous to book a Photographer that is either experienced with photographing at the venue or able to assess sunlight during […]

Part 4 of 5: “We’re all in this together”

@3OfCupsEvents: The Group Photo Shot List is created by the couple to include the names and relations of guests in groupings. It is important for both the Photographer and the Coordinator to be provided this list in advance. It is also important for the couple to communicate any discourse between relations. Group Photos can take […]

Virtual Hangout Happy Hour

Virtual Hangout Happy Hour with Jessica (Wedding Planner) & Joshua (Photographer & Videographer)Tuesday, June 2nd @ 5:30-6:30PM (CST)TUNE IN! Live Feed: @3OfCupsEvents We'll be talking about Wedding Planning Tips & PhotographyAlso check out our collaborative 5-Part Blog Series this month at: the LIVE HANG? Catch up on our convo at: 3 Of Cups Events' YouTube Channel and IG [...]

Part 3 of 5: “To Look First or Not to Look First” That is the Queston

@JoshuaandParisa: Timing and lighting are essential considerations to made when approaching the photography schedule. A skilled Wedding Planner considers access to natural light throughout the timeline. With limited access to outdoor lighting, it is advantageous for Photographers & Videographers to begin taking exterior photos before the ceremony to achieve the best photographs in optimal lighting. […]

Part 2 of 5: “The Race Against Timeline”

@3OfCupsEvents: When booking a wedding venue, it is important to consider what time access to the venue begins. For example, there are venues that serve a different purpose during the daytime, which present a later access time to the venue for events to begin load in and setup. Key factors to consider when building the […]

Part 1 of 5: “Step by Step”

@3OfCupsEvents: The story of a wedding day is documented in photographs. The wedding day timeline informs Photographers & Videographers of where and when each action is to take place throughout the course of the day. To achieve the best photos, it’s important for Wedding Planners and Photographer & Videographer teams to collaborate on the timeline […]