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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Are you planning your wedding or an event? Do you want to be hands-on, but unsure of how much support you’ll need? And are you looking for a team that fits your personality? 3 Of Cups may have the perfect solution for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Professional Planner.

Venue Location Scouting Services

Are you looking for the perfect venue? 3 Of Cups offers Venue Location Scouting Services in Austin TX, Hill Country, and surrounding areas. These services provide you with venue options that meet your personal preferences and budget. Get headed in the right direction towards finding your ideal venue by completing the venue search form

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Working relationships with an extensive network of vendors has established 3 Of Cups with a credible reputation in the event industry. 3 Of Cups is proud to have earned a place on the preferred vendors list at a plethora of venues. Read Love Letters from 3 Of Cups’ clientele on The KNOT and WeddingWire.

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