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In addition to being affordable and flexible, our services seamlessly adapt to your needs, whether you’re nearby or miles apart. This ensures that your event planning experience is personalized and budget-friendly, maintaining alignment with your vision.

To ensure streamline coordination on the day, our team works diligently to make everything run smoothly from start to finish. Additionally, acting as your main contact with suppliers, we strive to make your event in Austin authentic, fun, and unforgettable. 

Whether in Austin, the Hill Country, or your dream place, our team skillfully finds the right setting that fits your vision and budget. Our team will provide you with expert advice to help you make informed choices for your big day.

To get started, we lay out a schedule for the day, setting the stage for a seamless celebration. Building upon this foundation, our meticulous planning is tailored to reflect your distinct style and budget. As a result of this approach, every aspect of your event is meticulously organized, guaranteeing a memorable experience that perfectly aligns with your vision.

To bring life to the party, we offer personalized DJ, lighting, and AV services, beginning with high-quality sound equipment and expert DJ/Sound Engineering, ensuring your event has the best sound quality and includes details that match your event’s theme and atmosphere. 

With careful planning of every design element, we ensure that each aspect showcases your vision, seamlessly integrating them all together. Through this approach, we craft an unforgettable experience, effortlessly bringing your dream event to life.

With meticulous attention to every detail, we personalize your ceremony to reflect your unique story, harmoniously weaving all elements to honor your vision. Our approach is to create a memorable and heartfelt experience, effortlessly embodying the essence of your special day in every word and ritual.

3 Of Cups Events Team

Under the passionate leadership of Jessica Ryan in Austin TX, 3 Of Cups Events' dedicated team excels at crafting fun and memorable experiences that deeply resonate with our clients. Together, let's embark on this adventure, crafting moments that will be cherished forever.

The Owners

Meet the Owners of 3 Of Cups Events: Husband & Wife Team, Jessica & George